Mainstreaming Hate Prevention in Ottawa: The WHY and HOW

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The video highlights the core issue, the collective impact framework to address the issue and describing the continuum of the issue from ignorance and intolerance all the way to violent extremism. The video explains why the social services sector needs to break out of the mindset that preventing hate crime and violent extremism is a […]

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Preventing violent extremism through Collective Impact in Ottawa

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Abid Jan “We” first approach is the key ingredient for the success of the evolving collective Impact work for P/CVE in Ottawa. In the wake of rising extremism and hate crimes, the Chief of Ottawa Police, the Mayor’s office, Yasir Naqvi – the then MPP – and the chair of OLIP Network approached United Way […]

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Allahu Akbar: A death chant or a universal guarantee for peace?

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Is Allaho Akbar really an Islamic death chant that whip Muslims into ecstasy? Is Allaho Akbar really a rallying cry meant to instill terror in the hearts and minds of non-Muslims? Contrary to all the myths and misunderstanding, here we explore how Allaho akbar is actually the proclamation for ultimate peace – a universal guarantee […]

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PeaceQuest in Larger Context by Abid Ullah Jan

PeaceQuest in the Broader Context ~ Abid Ullah Jan

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Abid Ullah Jan talks about PeaceQuest in the broader context – the socio-political environment of the day; the issues even deepening issues of hate, intolerance and extremism and the role that he is playing in bridging the faith community and social services sector for a coordinated approach to address the common root causes.

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Debunking 72 virgins myth ~ Abid Ullah Jan

Debunking the myth of 72 “virgins” for suicide operations in 7 seconds

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A 15-year-old debunks the myth that suicide terrorists receive 72 virgins in paradise in 7 seconds and 23 words. Watch his 3rd attempt. See the complete video at Is Islam really about suicide and virgins     Muslim’s Real Test ~ Abid Ullah Jan

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Is Islam really about virgins and suicide missions - Abid Ullah Jan - Peacequest

Is Islam really about suicide and virgins – (Complete) – Abid Ullah Jan

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Does Islam really radicalize, motivate and inspire Muslims to commit suicide, kill innocent people and confirm 70 or 72 virgins or houris in paradise? Could there be some information sources which are painstakingly organized and managed by non-Muslims which could be the real source of confirming the wrong message – the misinterpretation of true Islamic message […]

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Abid Ullah Jan, Victims are not terrorist sympathizers_PeaceQuest

Part 1 – 72 Virgins: Setting the context – by Abid Ullah Jan

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Abid Ullah Jan explains how easy it is for the critics of Islam to label Muslims. If Muslims disagree with the extreme views that link the core of Islamic teachings to terrorism, they are instantly labelled as terrorist sympathizers.  How those who agree with anti-Islam, so-called terrorism experts, get the label of “Muslim apologists.” The […]

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Part 2 – 72 Virgins: The Myth – by Abid Ullah Jan

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Abid Ullah Jan explains the myth about 72 houris or virgins in paradise and its sources which have become reference point for confirmation, motivation, and encouragement for untutored youth and new Muslims to go to the extremes and in some cases committing acts of violence.   Read more Watch full video

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Part 3 – 72 Virgins: The Reality ~ by Abid Ullah Jan

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What is the reality behind the myth of suicide bombers getting 72 virgins in paradise? What’s the truth? What does the core, true message of Islam say about the myth that those who commit suicide and kill innocent civilians are rewarded in paradise and that is their motivation for the massacres they unleash?   Watch […]

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Part 4 – The Philosophy behind the Concept of Martyrdom in Islam – by Abid Ullah Jan

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Martyrdom in Islam is the most misunderstood concept both by Muslims and non-Muslims, explains Abid Ullah Jan. Please watch to realize that how Islam ensure that the road to paradise is not paved with creating hell on earth. Please watch to see that martyrs are not those who are oppressors, aggressors, occupiers, bullies, and human […]

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